Romance with a Side of Snark Romance with a Side of Snark

Love’s Folly

She had a five-year plan. A plan that didn’t include a man. He had plans of his own. Plans that couldn’t happen without her help.

Ever since losing her mother at a young age, Hope Wyatt had been laser-focused on pursuing a career that could save other children from knowing her loss. Every five years she created a new plan that would help her achieve her goals and live a life she hoped her mother would be proud of. He wasn’t part of the plan.

Royce Wilder left a lucrative private practice to head the legal department at Cormac University. After a massive scandal had rocked the community he grew up in, he needed to be part of the solution. Even if he didn’t feel up to the job.

When he finds one last bastion of corruption at the university’s medical school, Royce calls on Hope for help. To keep the investigation a secret, Hope and Royce decide to fake a relationship. When professional feelings turn personal, two people who weren’t looking for love may find it’s the answer to everything.